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Providing independent trust services that give clients peace of mind and security through unparalleled service.

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Not surprisingly, for Western Reserve Trust Company, this is the keystone of our work. 

It is shared in many forms – with individuals, families and professional partners. Our trusted relationships are forged from our human perspective and built upon the care we give to time and treasure.

It permeates how we grow and craft our services. How we train and staff. How we respond to each call. We are vested in people and committed to the right approach for everyone and every circumstance.

We are proud to be stewards of your legacy, and to be the watchers of your future. We strive each and every day to earn and protect your trust.

In order to remain independent and free of the conflicts that can arise in a sales-driven atmosphere, the founders decided that WRTC, a non-depository, limited-purpose trust bank, will not provide investment management services or sell financial products, but will dedicate itself to guarding and administering the clients’ assets according to their wishes.

WRTC does its work quietly and without hype, knowing that loyalty and service will allow it to thrive. Though wedded to traditional standards and values, WRTC is small and independent, free of corporate bureaucracy and therefore able to offer more personalized, concierge-type services beyond those of other trust firms.